PCS successfuly supports Alpha Bank’s Share Capital Increase

PCS provided successfully IT support during the entire Share Capital Increase (SCI) process of Alpha Services and Holdings.

PCS’s solution PCS Corporate Actions covered comprehensively the entire range of processes for the share capital increase, including the collection of all the applications from the bank’s network and other operator files and the final settlement, distribution and dispatch of the respective files to the Hellenic Exchange .

PCS additionally provided specialized staff during the settlement process in order to assist the bank’s executives. Alpha Bank’s SCI, beyond the importance it had for the broader banking industry was – from an IT point of view – a process of highly increased difficulty due to the very large amounts of data and of the specific terms of the SCI.

George Xenofos, President & CEO, PCS SA, said:

“PCS is proud of its contribution to the successful completion of Alpha Bank’s Share Capital Increase process. The IT support and professionalism of the PCS staff contributed to ensuring the successful result on an IT level.”

About Alpha Bank Group
Alpha Bank, was founded in 1879 by J.F. Costopoulos. The Alpha Bank Group is one of the leading Groups of the financial sector in Greece. It offers a wide range of high-quality financial products and services in the domestic and international market and has one of the highest capital adequacy ratios in Europe..

For more information, visit www.alpha.gr.