PCS successfully completes an important project for Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C.

PCS S.A. announces the successful completion of the IT transition project of the back-office operations of Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C. on the award-winning PCS Wealth Management platform.

The project included the supply of the PCS sofrware for the daily management and valuation of the Mutual Funds, the transfer of data records and the 21 active Mutual Funds and their corresponding classes, the full automation of their accounting monitoring as well as a set of facilities services, customization and support. With this PCS solution, Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C., one of the leading asset management companies in Greece, further optimizes its back-office operations while at the same time enhances its services by utilizing the rich functionality offered by the PCS platform.

The PCS Wealth Management solution is based on modern technologies, incorporates the best international practices, fully covers all operational expectations by satisfying regulatory requirements, while it minimizes operational risk and costs by automating time-consuming and repetitive processes.

Mr. Panagiotis Antonopoulos, Vice President and CEO of Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C, stated: “The successful completion of the project allows us to automate, even more, all the back-office operations regarding the daily Mutual Funds valuation by adopting a modern technological platform. The successful completion of the project, within a tight schedule and budget, confirms our successful, long-term partnership with PCS.”

George Xenofos, President & CEO of PCS S.A., stated: “PCS is proud to have successfully completed this critical project for Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C., one of the largest and most historic Asset Management Companies in Greece. The PCS Wealth Management platform integrates state-of-the-art technology and business expertise in order to provide advanced functionality. The project was of significant complexity since it involved the productive transition to a new system for a very large number of active M/Fs and a large volume of investment and accounting movements records while at the same time, the final transition had to be completed within a weekend, since each Mutual Funds Management Company is obliged to issue prices continuously for each subsequent working day”.


About Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C

Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C. has 32 years of investment presence and innovation in asset management, Institutional Investors portfolios, including pension / occupational funds, and at the same time provides investment advisory services. Its assets under management amount to 3.1 billion Euros (as of 31/12/2021).

Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C. is consistently ranked among the top asset managers in Greece, reflecting the high experience and expertise of the strong management team. At the same time, Alpha Mutual Funds (M/Fs), recording remarkable returns, occupy leading positions in the respective categories once again in 2021, both in domestic and international competition and constitute a reliable investment option that reward investors with significant returns.

For additional information, you may visit the website: www.alphamutual.gr