PCS Grand Sponsor at the 21st Bank Management Conference

PCS, member of Epsilon Net Group of Companies, is a Grand Sponsor at the 20th Bank Management Conference that will take place on November 23rd 2023 at Megaron Athens International Conference Centre.

Curated by Boussias Communications and Banker’s Review, the conference stands at the forefront of Incumbents’ evolution exploring the transformation forces of the Banking Sector. The sold out conference will focus on how banks are exploring their boundaries’ expansion by providing new hybrid experiences, while additionally providing content and specialized information to Businesses from the different vertical markets. In fact, banks’ physical and digital premises have to be evolving into points-of-sale for non-financial services and products of businesses included in every bank’s partner ecosystem. Further, banks will expand their portfolio by offering more & differentiated financial solutions to their customers and partners gaining competitive edge. Such a disruptive initiative requires the use of new and cutting-edge technologies, as well as continuous enhancement of the digital transformation process.

At the conference, PCS will present its solutions that enable Financial Institutions, investment companies, fund management companies, Insurance Companies and Professional Funds, to leverage innovative technology in order to provide efficient services.

For more information about the meeting visit: https://www.bankmanagement.gr/