PCS Fund Distribution

A modular platform enabling Fund Administrators or Transfer Agents to automate the distribution cycle of Funds.


Today’s investment market is more competitive than ever before. As such, to remain profitable and competitive, service providers face a set of difficult challenges. They must respond quickly to changing market conditions, deliver outstanding service to customers and meet increasingly stringent regulatory demands. Moreover, the notion of point-of-sale in the fund industry is increasingly becoming abstract for investors. In the past, an investor would visit a branch or a financial advisor’s office to purchase financial products. Digital platforms represent a new private banking service channel and empower clients with 24/7 access to comprehensive information about accounts, market insights and personalized tools and reports.


PCS has been in the heart of this business since 1992, providing investment companies with solutions that improve operational efficiency, mitigate financial risk, reduce costs and address clients’ needs in an easier and more convenient way.

The Solutions

PCS Unit Holders platform constitutes one of the most integrated and modern solutions for the vertical market of investment funds. With a phenomenal track record of +25 installations in several countries and developed with +20 years of proven experience, the platform is unquestionably one of the leading choices for mutual fund and collective investment management companies.


PCS e-Mutual Funds is an integrated web solution that allows a Fund Distributor to support their Clients’ needs by leveraging web technology for all its business functions.

PCS eMutual Funds

With PCS e-Mutual Funds, a financial institution may provide:

  • Business to Business services (PCS e-Mutual Funds B2B) to all collaborative partners (RM’s, insurance salesmen, bank branches, other agents etc.) Thus providing complete customer support service (portfolio positions and evaluation, statements, tax report etc.) for the end-client as well as a platform for recording online real time all possible transaction (subscriptions, redemptions, switch etc.).
  • Real time interface with the corresponding core banking system to debit / credit corresponding banking accounts (Client’s and Fund’s Accounts)
  • Business to Consumer services (PCS e-Mutual Funds B2C) to investors/unit holders with a web self-service customer service, mutual funds on-line trading, statistical reporting of fund performance, portfolios etc.
  • Web Services to any internet point or external application requiring XML Data Exchange from the investment company.

PCS Unit Holders

PCS Unit Holders is an industry-leading back office solution that comprehensively covers the distribution of investment funds, including but not limited to Local Funds, Passport Funds and SICAV’s or ETF’s.

  • Umbrella funds, sub-funds
  • SICAVs
  • AIFs
  • Pension Funds
  • Subscriptions, Redemptions
  • Switches & Transfers
  • Monthly Redemption Schemes
  • Regular Saving Plans
  • Settlement through Swift, Fax or e-mail
  • Named or Omnibus accounts
  • Merging of Funds
  • Dividend Payments
  • Settlement through Swift, Fax or e-mail
  • Named or Omnibus accounts
  • Merging of Funds
  • Dividend Payments
  • Client’s statement and performance
  • Realized & Unrealized Profit or Loss
  • MiFiD and FATCA compliance
  • Commission Schemes
  • Sales Commissions
  • Custody Payment Instructions
  • Massive Printing Facility
  • Interfaces with Third Party Systems