PCS Pension Portal

An end-to-end integrated pension solution that minimizes the operational costs

The PCS Pension Portal digitizes and supports all front-office and communication activities between pension companies, savers, employers, or other parties. The solution is an end-to-end integrated pension platform that minimizes operational effort and maximizes convenience and quality of services.


The solution can be tailored and deployed within a few days and is a cost-efficient facility to support front-office activities and communication between Pension Providers/Administratos, Savers, Group Pension members, Employers or other parties.



  • Dramatically reduces administration costs
  • Improves scheme management, streamlines workflow
  • Facilitates professional reporting and management
  • Allows confidential access to scheme level participation, performance and usage information
  • Provides the ability to monitor pension fund performance
  • Provides up-to-date scheme information and investment performance data