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Turn-key solutions for banks and financial institutions

PCS with installations in 10 countries and with more than 20 years of experience in large banking projects is in a position to provide the resources for the full project life cycle, from solution design, to project management, requirements and gap analysis, configuration, testing and training through post go-live support.


A set of services are offered that apply to all projects

  • Project Management
  • GAP Analysis
  • Data Migration
  • Implementation Services
  • Customisations Development
  • On-site Training

PCS also provides access to a special internet application which facilitates the effective control and prompt resolution of all support-related issues. PCSJira is a bug-tracking, issue tracking and project management software, available online 24*7, which allows the customers to prioritize, assign, track, report and audit all kinds of issues, whatever they may be — from software bugs and help-desk tickets to project tasks and change requests. Hence the customer attains a 360o view of all project and support related issues, monitor their progress real-time, track closed issues and create real-time, relevant issue tracking and project management reports in a convenient format.

On Cloud

Through the On-Cloud approach, all hardware (servers, networking) and software required (operating system, database, applications servers, application software) are provided and totally managed by PCS through a data center in Europe. The On-Cloud approach eliminates the headaches and costs of hardware and software installations, tests, security, updates and maintenance and enables speed, agility and innovation.


PCS provides the following services:

  • Disaster Site
  • SSL Encryption
  • Required Hardware
  • Software Users Licence
  • Daily IT Operations
  • Annual Maintenance
  • System Monitoring 24 / 7
  • Software Updates

On Premises

Through the On-Premises approach, the infrastructure is located within the physical confines of the enterprise, i.e. the company’s data center. The client has physical access to the data and is responsible for providing the infrastructure required and the respective configuration, management and security.


PCS provides the following services:

  • New Releases & Versions
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Telephone Support
  • On-site Support