Smart Solutions That Power Your Business

Experience and technology combined to bring you automation and growth

PCS’s know-how in the development of banking software solutions derives from the technical knowledge and experience of its executive staff, and the continuous development of their skill through internal and external education programs, continuous research & development, and specific methodology of knowledge spreading and consolidation.

Open Architecture Technology

PCS always invested and continue to invest in what is called open architecture technologies” that are widely accepted in the field of global IT. Based on peak technologies that offer continuous progress, economies of scale, reliable technical support and significant flexibility, we offer value to the customer through user-friendly, well-tuned and fully functional applications.

As an Oracle Business Partner for almost 25years, we offer software solutions based on oracle technology i.e. Oracle RDBMS 12c and ORACLE Web Logic Application servers. The ORACLE Application Development Framework (ADF) is used for the development of of multi-channel applications. The combination of Industry Standards like Java, XML and SOA constitutes the driver of e-Business today. The methodology and development standards are structured and the development is based on multiple tools, technologies and languages such as UML, Java (and several API’s), XML, XSL(T), HTML, JavaScript, SOAP Web Services & WML.

Highly Qualified Engineers

Software Engineering Teams that are highly specialized in the aforementioned technologies execute these projects. The Framework allows the provision of solutions neutral to the technology platform, to the Hardware, Operating System, Application and Database Server, which are selected by the customer.

PCS has acquired a great experience in the administration of several different IT areas like Databases, Operating System, Web servers, Application Servers, Network & Security. A big emphasis was given in gaining all the experience needed for developing online real time interfaces with different systems like core banking systems, accounting systems, transactional applications & platforms, messaging systems etc.